Clinical Program

Drug Development

SynDevRx drug development program combines the stable polymer HPMA and novel derivatives of fumagillol to construct novel conjugates that target MetAP2 for patients with cancer.

Our compounds have significantly improved pre-clinical activity and safety at lower doses than other drugs in the fumagillin class.

Our lead compound - SDX-7320 - was cleared to entering Phase 1 clinical trials in 2015.  We expect to contribute to the fundamental understanding of MetAP2 biology and the role MetAP2 plays in different disease states, including cancer and metabolic disorders.

Development Team

Our team is comprised of highly experienced drug development professionals with expertise in the critical areas of clinical trial design and management, process development, chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC).

We believe our team’s experience and expertise combined with our entrepreneurial nature will prove to be beneficial as we assess the clinical potential of our novel MetAP2 inhibitors to positively impact the lives of patients and provide treatment alternatives for physicians.

*This compound is currently in development and is not approved by the FDA (or any other regulatory authority) for clinical use.