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SynDevRx, Inc. (“SDX”) based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is developing new and effective treatments for cancer patients and serious metabolic-related diseases using our patented polymer-drug conjugates.

Our lead compound - SDX-7320 - in Phase 1 for oncology, is a best-in-class MetAP2 inhibitor conjugated to a bio-compatible polymer which releases the pharmacologically active small molecule in vivo. Our polymer conjugation approach reduces systemic drug exposure compared to the small molecule drug alone. The expected clinical consequence of lowering systemic exposure is an improved safety profile.  Our proprietary polymer conjugation chemistry keeps the active drug inert while in general circulation thereby greatly reducing systemic toxicities.  SDX-7320 exhibits significantly lower Cmax and a much longer half-life than small molecules, which allows for less frequent dosing schedules.

In animal models, SDX-7320 has shown improved activity and safety relative to small molecule compounds from the fumagillin class.


The SDX clinical development program targets solid tumors as well as serious metabolic-related diseases.  Our compounds inhibit MetAP2 - an enzyme which independent research has shown to be important in the regulation of a number of cellular processes including cell proliferation, lipid processing, angiogenesis and protein turnover. 

*This compound is currently in development and is not approved by the FDA (or any other regulatory authority) for clinical use.

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