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For over three decades,

researchers around the world have explored the potential clinical benefits of fumagillin-class drugs via the inhibition of the enzyme methionine aminopeptidase type II (MetAP2).

However, encouraging signs of efficacy in multiple early-stage trials in cancer and obesity were offset by seemingly insurmountable concerns over toxicities. As a result, clinical development came to a halt.

When founding SynDevRx back in 2007, we didn’t want to start our drug development program from scratch. Instead, we believed that building upon the knowledge base created by premier global pharmaceutical companies and academic research labs would de-risk development and improve the chances for clinical and commercial success. Our approach has centered on applying our proprietary polymer-drug conjugation technology to improve the safety and efficacy of fumagillin-class compounds.

Our all-star team of clinical oncologists, academic researchers, professors and drug development professionals is driven to bring to market novel therapeutics that enhance patients’ lives and offer superior treatment options for physicians.

Lead Compound: SDX-7320

Our lead compound — the first novel therapy that treats both cancer and metabolic hormone  dysfunction — is designed specifically for patients with tumors sensitive to the potent metabolic hormones insulin, leptin and adiponectin.

Learn about what makes SDX-7320 an exciting potential option for patients and clinicians, the striking results seen in animal models and our active clinical programs.

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