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SynDevRx is about to change the game.

We’re developing targeted treatments to help address the cancer directly as well as the underlying metabolic dysfunction that drives cancer progression in this population.


The link between metabolic dysfunction and cancer outcomes is undeniable. SynDevRx is the leader in the emerging metabo-oncology field of drug development, and our first clinical drug candidate targets a patient population that comprises millions of new cancer cases around the world each year. Learn about metabo-oncology, the newest addition to the armamentarium of cancer treatment.


Polymer-Drug Conjugation

In 1975, Helmut Ringsdorf first suggested that attaching active small molecules to biocompatible polymers could improve drug properties. Many companies have since come close to realizing his vision but failed. With our novel approach to polymer-drug conjugates, SynDevRx has uncovered the key to success. Learn about our polymer-drug conjugation approach.



The molecular target for our novel fumagillin-polymer conjugates — methionine aminopeptidase type II (MetAP2) — is a key mediator in various conditions related to hypoxia, cell cycle arrest, angiogenesis and chronic inflammation. See why MetAP2 inhibition could help in treating many cancer types, morbid obesity and other diseases.