Clinical Program
SDX-7320 for oncology

SynDevRx lead compound, SDX-7320, is a patented polymer conjugate which releases a pharmacologically active, novel small molecule fumagillol derivative in vivo. SDX-7320 has shown improved activity and safety relative to small molecule compounds in the fumagillin class in animal models.

SynDevRx leveraged 40+ years of polymer drug development history to develop a best-in-class conjugate that allows for once weekly dosing with low systemic exposure potentially leading to an improved clinical safety profile.

SDX-7320 has a longer half-life than other fumagillol small molecules with a lower Cmax. Pre-clinical testing has shown SDX conjugates to be effective on less frequent dosing schedules than fumagillol small molecules.



SynDevRx has considered multiple polymer backbones, and selected HPMA (poly(N-hydroxypropylmethacrylamide)), a polymer studied as a blood expander because of its excellent biocompatibility and historically reported safety. HPMA copolymer conjugates have been safely administered in multiple clinical trials at doses much higher than clinical doses projected for the SynDevRx compounds.

Active Drug

SDX lead drug conjugate are based on fumagillin.  Three small molecule fumagillol derivatives, TNP-470 (Takeda), PPI-2458 (Praecis) and CKD-732 (Chong Kun Dang), have been studied pre-clinically and clinically in cancer patients.