About SynDevRx

The SynDevRx executive team has decades of relevant experience in drug development, operations, finance, and business development. We are disciplined, resourceful and focused on efficient project execution.  SynDevRx operates on a highly cash-efficient basis, strategically partnering with top quality CROs and CMOs.

Bradley J Carver, co-Founder, President and CEO

Mr. Carver has over 20 years experience as a biotech senior executive. He previously served as President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of GlycoGenesys, Inc. (Russell 2000 and NASDAQ listed).  Under Mr. Carver's leadership, the company raised over $80M, successfully completed a partnership deal with a top tier pharmaceutical company, and developed and put into clinical trials one of the first and novel complex carbohydrate cancer drug candidates, and identified and characterized the mechanisms of action for their drug candidates.  He also led the clinical trial program design efforts and oversaw the selection of the clinical indications. Mr. Carver attended Michigan State University, where he received his BA in Business.

James M. Shanahan, Co-Founder, VP Business Development

Mr. Shanahan has over 15 years experience with business development and marketing for biotech and high tech companies.  Jim is a serial entrepreneur having started and exited multiple companies.  Most recently, Jim was VP Business Development of (and continues to consult with) Ariana Pharmaceuticals, SA (Paris, France), a healthcare data intelligence company specializing in analyzing complex clinical and biomarker datasets.  Prior to that, Jim was co-founder and VP Marketing at JAM Technologies, Inc., (Boston, MA) where he was responsible for finance, business development, marketing, communications, product definition, sales and distribution initiation.  Jim attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and received his Certificat d’Etudes Superieurs at L'Universite Catholique de l'Ouest in Angers, France.